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Metaverse- The Real Node LA

Welcome to The Real Node LA, your favorite place to be in the Metaverse.

“What is the Real Node LA”?   

Answer:  The Real Node LA is a Youtuber’s community at it’s core. There are 26 properties located in the Core of the Real Node LA. The 26 Properties will all be owned by YouTubers with active YouTube Channels. Some of the Content will be Metaverse related and some will be Safe for Work Content.

The Real Node LA will have several Race courses running through it and it will be a hub for your NFT experiences.  The first Race Course is a Sprint Track called the Ithaca Run.

The Real Node LA is a Large Metaverse community that is located in El Sereno, Los Angeles, CA.

Note: You are NOT required to have a YouTube channel to be apart of the community. 

How do you become apart of the Real Node LA?

  1.  Do you have an Upland Account? If the Answer is Yes, then its easy. But first for those who don’t have an upland account, follow the link Below to your portal to the Upland Metaverse.

After you have created your Upland account. Join us on discord for portfolio strategies, contests, community events, and so much more.

See you in the Real Node LA

The Photo above was created by NFT Artist- More Cheese and was taken from the following episode of the whine and cheese show.