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Exclusive and Rare NFT Art SALE $$

Lasting Memories NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are Ultra Rare collectibles that can be exchanged, traded or sold on the internet and anywhere in the Metaverse. You can also use this exclusive NFT art to hang in your Virtual home as Art work. Feel free to browse our Exclusive and Rare collections of Aerial Art. Each NFT was created exclusively, and conducted in accordance with The FAA’s Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate.

Stay Tuned to My lasting Memories for Exclusive NFT drops. 

Exclusive 1 of 7 minted NFTs for Sale. Click the Photos below for details on Atomic Hub.

1 of 7 Rare Mint NFT ART


Ultra Rare 1 of 7 mint NFT Art PanoramicExclusive 1 of 7 minted Aerial NFT

The Real Node:

The “Real Node-LA”. 

Contents include;
1. Partnered YouTuber’s node whereas every single member of this node has a YouTube channel. Some new channels, some Growing channels. Some node members will be racing to start a YouTube channel. Some will be already established and looking for more of an immersive experience. You also get the chance to create and engage with Metaverse neighbors that share similar interests,  ie , growing a YouTube channel.
2. Partnered discord node. Click here for access to the discord:  .
Each Real Node neighbor will be invited to : After a 1 month participation observation when we are at 50% node capacity (12 node neighbors), you will become a moderator of the Real Node and it’s public members. The node’s discord will immediately be open to the public viewing. All 26 moderators will have a access to a separate moderator chat. As a node moderator your task is to help moderate an environment of growth and neighborly team work.
3. My lasting memories Ultra rare; Immediately after completion of your new Real-Node home, as a momento, each member will receive 1of only 26 minted Aerial Art collectible wax nfts sent to the member’s wax address. See the NFT below:
Also each member will receive a 24 hour head start on My lasting memories Ultra rare wax mints 1 of 1’s.
Must provide evidence of a minimum 1 Spark to Stake. Prospective neighbors must stake a minimum of one spark on their prospective property. The first name staked on the property with at least one spark will receive the first opportunity to buy into the Real-node LA. The prices of the node up until March 31, 2022 will be 263,200upx Per Unit. The Real-Node homeowners association requires that each townhouse be symmetrical in placement,  similar in size. A town house can be deconstructed and reconstructed as long as it meets the real-node homeowners association requirements. Real Node HOA members will be voted in by Real-Node moderators.
You must have a YouTube channel with at least 1 video uploaded. Must have a Safe-for-Work YouTube profile.
Must have a wax address to receive NFTs. All aspects of your content will be reviewed to ensure the appropriateness of partnership with Mylastingmemories410. Content should be devoid of all profane content. No cursing, Safe for work content. No harassing content.